What is the Calmest Dog That Doesn't Shed?


Borzoi are large dogs with Roman-nosed faces and graceful curved tails that symbolize Russian aristocracy. They can come in any color or combination of colors, and their silky coat can be flat, wavy or curly in shape.They possess a strong prey drive and will chase smaller animals away, so it is best to keep them confined when outdoors. Furthermore, due to their strong instinct to run away, it should never be allowed out without being leashed.They are loyal, affectionate and intelligent; they respond well to training and activities like lure coursing and agility trials. Furthermore, they make excellent family companions though they may be reserved with strangers.


Frenchies are one of the world's most beloved small dog breeds and an ideal choice for new pet parents. These cheerful canines exhibit intelligence, loyalty and devotion towards their humans; they eagerly seek attention from us!They possess high intelligence and make ideal family dogs that can adapt to any lifestyle, including apartment living. Although they don't require much exercise, a daily walk is recommended in order to keep them contented and healthy.These dogs tend to be extremely friendly with people and other animals, such as kids and cats. However, they can become territorial over their food so it's best to place their bowls far apart from each other.


Basenjis are not barking dogs, but instead have an incomparable sound that ranges from yodel to chortle. They're renowned for their intelligence and bravery, making excellent watchdogs.Families with older children may find them to be a great choice, though they can be reserved around strangers and prone to destructive behavior if not given enough exercise and stimulation. Therefore, these pets require regular exercise and socialization in order to thrive.Basenjis have short hair and rarely need a bath. Additionally, they groom themselves like cats to keep their coats clean without needing excessive brushing or combing.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are renowned for their calm and even temperament. While they tend to be reserved around strangers, they do have an emotional attachment to their family members which drives them to protect them whenever necessary.Boer farmers developed these dogs in Africa to serve their needs as hunting dogs and companions. Not only could they flush partridge, bring down wounded animals, and protect their property at night from prowlers, but their agility allowed them to get up close and personal with prey.


Salukis are graceful and elegant hounds that have been around for hundreds of years. They possess a quiet demeanor but are fiercely loyal and devoted to their families.These dogs require daily exercise and will thrive outdoors in a large fenced yard with plenty of room to run. Unfortunately, these breeds of dog cannot adapt well to apartment living as they require plenty of movement in order to remain healthy and contented.

Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniels are calm, friendly dogs that make great companions for children and other animals. Furthermore, these loyal canines possess great intelligence.They make excellent family pets if given enough mental and physical stimulation. Furthermore, if properly trained and socialized, they could even serve as guard dogs.

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